perjantai 27. huhtikuuta 2012


 Miniature poptart, handmade of polymer clay 

Poptarts are something that I've NEVER EVER tasted. Ever."Why is that?" -you ask. Well it's not really a finnish food, isn't it. I've seen poptarts in some big grocery stores that have this special "american" selection there too.. but.. never had the urge to buy & try poptarts.

Should I try them?

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  1. oh yes pop tarts are awesome , i would love to send you a package of them , , would you care to do a swap of clay pop tarts for some real poptarts ?? i would so love to do that i am in usa my email is overmypinkrainbow@ please get in touch with me , i love your creations , specially your cuppy cakes , so very cute .. much luv
    georgia from usa