keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2011


TOP from the k-pop group Big Bang

This look was based on the "High High" live performance of GD&TOP. You can watch that here. I have not been a big fan of pop or hiphop music in the past. I used to think it was wayyy too superficial and all about making women appear as "objects", you know. But perhaps it's a similar "stigma" to the style as "satan worshipping" is to heavy metal. I mean, if you know about these things you know that heavy metal musicians are the nerdiest guys you'll ever meet ;)!Well I don't know what has changed my mind. Maybe these cute k-pop groups with their sweet popstar personalities. They have an attitude on stage, but off-stage they're the nicest (polite) people you'll ever meet, I think.
But who knows. Maybe that is just their image. I have heard lot of bad things about the japanese and korean music industry. About girls being forced to do all kinds of things, and guys & girls having pressure about their weight, not getting enough sleep, going to hospital because of dehydration regularly etc.

Well, in any case. I am currently a T.O.P. fangirl ^-^!

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  1. Oi, ihana<3 (Eräs T.O.P-fani täälläkin. Lempilaulunikin on muuten Big Bangilta :P) Mutta todella hienosti olet taas tehnyt tämän.

  2. Oh my gosh... this is the MOST AWESOME thing I have ever seen made of clay! You are a genius!